What are Friday Feast Groups?

Friday Feast Groups allow our community to meet consistently outside of the church context.  Since the inception of the church, sharing meals has been a staple of communal life.  It is a chance to give, receive and grow closer to those around you.  We hold Friday Feast Groups to continue the sense of community we get on Sundays, with the hope that we would invite our neighbors. It's designed to become something you look forward to as part of your life's rhythm.

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Friday Feast Groups are setup geographically to gather with others based on where you live and your proximity to one another.  These groups cultivate the sense of neighborhood community that is easily forgotten.  It is an open space for regular church attendees as well as those who might be looking for community wherever they are in their journey.

What can I expect from Friday Feast Groups?

  • Food; all attendees are asked bring a dish or side

  • An open format meal with the sole intention of getting to know those who live close to you

  • Freedom to join any week you'd like, regardless of whether you attend our Sunday services

  • Hosts who will assist with organizing and gathering the groups and are available to make newcomers feel right at home

How do I join a Friday Feast Group?


Our Friday Feast Groups meet on...you guessed it...Fridays!  There will be varying locations throughout the city and meet at different times based on availability.  If you're interested in being part of a group, we'd love to have you.  Click below and fill out our contact form to receive specifics on how to get connected to a group near you.