What is Providencia WPB Youth?


Providencia WPB Youth is a community of middle and high school students brought together for the purpose of building friendships, practicing vulnerability, and cultivating a deeper understanding of Jesus. We hope to extend Providencia WPB’s community to reach the younger generations of our church, so that we all may flourish.   

What can I expect from Providencia WPB Youth?

  • A safe space for students to be fully themselves and pursue authentic community

  • Volunteer leaders that are excited by the opportunity to learn, listen and mentor 

  • Opportunities to discover the presence of Jesus in one’s life story and in the world through studying scripture and confronting difficult questions

  • A break from your regular week to play games, be with friends and laugh

How do I or a child of mine get involved with Providencia WPB Youth?


Our youth groups meets every other Saturday from 6-8 pm at Memorial Presbyterian Church. Whether you’re a parent looking for additional information or a student interested in joining us, please click below and someone from our leadership team will be happy to reach out to you.