what are story groups?

Story Groups are small and intimate gatherings where we build community together.  They are founded on the core belief that our stories are best seen and known in the company of others.  In many cases, it's the stories that have marked us most deeply that we cannot see clearly on our own.


Our groups are designed to invite you to build relationships, grow in awareness of how your experiences have impacted your connection to God and gain discernment on how your unique story impacts how you relate to the world around you.

What can i expect from story group?

  • A group that helps us move from isolation to connection

  • A group that helps us move from being unknown to being known

  • A group that encourages a deeper awareness of self, others and God

  • A group that invites us to risk being known, loved and begin to take steps towards personal flourishing

  • A group that honors each other’s stories by showing up consistently and respecting each other's time

how do i join a story group?


Story Groups meet on various days throughout the week from 7-9:30 p.m. and go on break during the summer.  At the beginning of each Story Group semester an orientation is held and signups are opened.  Click below and fill out our contact form to receive specifics on how to get connected to our next orientation.