What is the conversation?

The Conversation is a partnership with Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, the oldest Baptist church in Palm Beach County.  It’s a space for open, honest conversation about race in our country today.  It’s also a space where we can learn about the role race has played historically in the shaping of West Palm Beach. 

We gather over a shared meal as we’re invited to hear the perspectives of our African American brothers and sisters and their experiences living in West Palm Beach, past and present.  The Conversation is a delicate space where we  hear old stories that are painful and air our current fears.

Primarily, it’s a place to build friendships and understand the experience of our neighbors who we have neglected and failed to love well.

What can I expect from The Conversation?

  • A shared meal and an open dialogue with our brothers and sisters at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

  • An environment where we are expected to listen, be curious and consider others perspectives before we speak

  • A time for all of us to have our biases exposed and be humbled by the love and hospitality of our friends at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

  • An engaging discussion on current and past events pertaining to race relations that are vitally important to be aware of

  • An opportunity to hear stories from many people who grew up in West Palm Beach while it was still actively segregated

How do I join The Conversation?

The Conversation occurs quarterly and is held at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (801 8th St., West Palm Beach, FL 33401). You can check our events calendar for information on the next gathering. You can also click below and fill out our contact form to receive more information or request to be informed about upcoming meetings.